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Don’t wait for your internet provider to get better………Get the speed and support you deserve!

Affordable, reliable, high speed internet is available in select areas of Holmes & Washington Counties. You are guaranteed high speed and unlimited use without the worry of overcharges or throttle backs.

Utilizing high speed fiber optics and state of the art wireless equipment, it is OUR mission to provide the fastest, most reliable service to Holmes & Washington Counties. Residential & Commercial Services designed to meet your individual needs.

Whether it’s home or business, you’ll love Air Speed Networks because WE offer wireless internet that is affordable, reliable fast without monthly limits. Air Speed Networks offers the connection which allows you the ability to play online video games and easily stream movies without buffering or overage charges. Air Speed Networks can install Wireless Internet into your home or business which will give you the freedom to operate multiple devices while maintaining the desired level of security.

If you are looking for internet that is better than satellite, hot spots, or dial ups, then you need Air Speed Networks. Call Today for rates and service areas, 850-547-6999.

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Our Mandate

As an internet provider and champion of broadband expansion in Holmes & Washington Counties Air Speed Networks is passionate about bringing reliable and affordable internet connectivity to rural residents, for whatever their needs: small business and farming operations, education, recreation and entertainment, or casual browsing and emailing.

We believe that universal broadband access to fast internet service is critical to the economic growth, diversification, and future prosperity in the rural communities of the Holmes and Washington Counties.

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We offer personal customer service.

To register for Air Speed Wireless Internet Service or to have any questions answered, we invite you to stop by our office at 121 North Waukesha Street (HWY 79) in Bonifay. Our office is staffed from 9 am until 2 pm Monday thru Friday. If you have any questions you may also call the office at 850.547.6999 or contact us via email at

Once service is established and billing has begun, payments are accepted either through our office or through US Mail at P.O. 96, Bonifay, Florida 32425.

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